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Here are some of Our Favorite Fundraising Ideas, opportunities and Resources

Looking for tactics and strategies to start, launch and build your nonprofit, here are some of our favorites and opportunities.

Check out these fundraising Ideas and opportunities

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Here are some tools and resources to help build your nonprofit.


Get Started With Your Fundraising

Effective fundraising tool with no monthly fees or contracts, Donorbox helps 50,000+ organizations raise donations online!


A Directory of Hundreds of Companies

The shareway is a directory of hundreds of companiess that donate food, beverages and aution and reffle items to nonprofits and schools. Find donors in your area to donate to your event or cause.

If you sign up after trial use Code VANESSALINDSEY to get a 10% discount

Constant Contact

Digital Marketing Platform

No matter how experienced you are with digital marketing, Constant contact can help you get the results you want.

We’ve got the tools you need to make your marketing go much smoother,


Find New Grant Opportunities

Grantstation makes it east to find new funding opportunities,over 8,000 funding opportuniteis from both public and private funders and grantmakers. Access to exclusive resources to help you build a grant-seeking program.

To get over 80% off the retail price you must be a member of the Nonprofit Founders Membership Club

Send Out Cards

Perfect Appreciation Message at any time

Send out cards to you donors and others to let them know how much you appreciate them. Customize every card and let send out cards do the rest.

Good 360

Get Product Donations You Need

Good360 helps nonprofits get the goods they need to help your community, items such as school supplies, diapers, toys, clothes, computers and much more. There is no cost to join and become a member of 360! This is a great source to maximize your donor dollar and get items your community needs.


Nonprofit Marketplace for technology

The world’s largest nonprofit marketplace for technology and services, serving a community of 1.3 million nonprofits. They connect nonprofits, charities, and libraries with funding, donations, and discounts on hardware (new and refurbished), software, cloud solutions, technology services, education, and capacity-building resources to enable nonprofits to build a better world.


Manage all your digital marketing

Save time with your nonprofit marketing by creating copy with HelloWoofy's smart content tools,. grow engagement and be seen everywhere by scheduling your content to all your social media channels at once.


Password Management

LastPass puts your digital life at your fingertips, simply and securly, LastPass removes obstacles,, once you save a password in LastPass, you'll always have it when you need it. No need in trying to remember all your passwords. Easily share your login without sharing your password. AMAZING!!

Send Out Cards

Greeting Cards

Send Out Cards is a great tool to have when you want to appreciate your donors and others who support your nonprofit. No need to go shopping for cards or gift or mailing them. Go to send out cards, choose your gift, card and they will do the rest. I love this platform for sending encouragement and support to members in the Club.

Lets Build

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The Membership Club

Building a Nonprofit takes time because of the many facets of a nonprofit.

There is so much to learn, do and know and no one can do it alone. If you are tired of doing it alone and you want support. Join the club.

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