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If you’re looking for more hands on help and support then come and join our membership. You’ll get access to all of our trainings and get to connect with other nonprofit founders.

What is the Club?

We are so excited that you have found us because that means that you are interested in or have already started a nonprofit (501 (c) (3)) organization. The Nonprofit Founders’ Club is a training platform EXCLUSIVELY for individuals and groups like you who are the Founders of a Nonprofit.

Nonprofit Founder’s are people who have a passion or purpose to help others, and we believe that nonprofits are the heart of the community. In order to keep the heartbeats going strong, it is important that they receive training, funding, and other resources.

At the Club, our goal is to help you start, run and obtain funding for your new nonprofit organization (Business). We have worked in the nonprofit arena for over 30 years and are excited and passionate about helping others create and grow successful nonprofits. Whether you are thinking of starting a nonprofit, you have a new nonprofit or if you have been in existence for 5 years, we can share with you ways to launch and sustaining your nonprofit.


We teach you from experience, not from the book you will learn from our experts on how to start, grow and get funding to follow your purpose and passion.


You will receive a monthly PowerPack which is a workbook filled with step by step information on specific topics that pertain to aspects of running a successful nonprofit.


We offer monthly masterminds where you can learn what others are doing, get your questions answered and connect with others who are in the nonprofit world.


We offer grant writing workshops where as a member you get a discount to attend, or you can sponsor a workshop as a fundraiser.

Things to Learn


Learn about grant writing, sponsorship, events and other methods to fund your nonprofit.


Teaching You From Concept To Funding


The nonprofit club was born out of my desire to support others who are have started nonprofit organizations. I love nonprofits and the desire of the founders to make a difference in the world. I am of the belief that nonprofits are the heartbeat of the community. I believe that it takes passion and love for someone or something outside of yourself to start a nonprofit, and that while you are helping others, you too need some support and guidance.

The nonprofit club came out of my walk and experience in the nonprofit world, I know from first hand experience the fear, challenges, unknowns. I realized that if I had these feelings during my journey, others must have them too. So I created this space for new and aspiring nonprofit founders to help guide them through their journey of making the world a bit better.

On this journey, I teach, inspire and encourage nonprofit-preneurs to transform their lives and that of others through nonprofits.

Getting your 501 (c) (3) is one thing, are you ready to learn the steps in kick starting your nonprofit, this is the starting point. You are the starting point.

Forming your Nonprofit is a step by step tool that shows you the 6 easy do it yourself process to start your nonprofit 501 (c) (3) nonprofit.

It is important to effectively work with others when working in the community. Learn techniques to collaborate.

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The Club For New Nonprofit Founders'!

Vannessa Lindsey

Nonprofit Funding and Development Coach

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