Hello Be-Loved, we’re so delighted that you’re here. I feel honored that you're here. Are you struggling to start and build your nonprofit, with limited funding, experience, no fancy degrees and an inactive board. We understand.

There is so much to do when building a nonprofit from the legal must do's, getting funding and getting community traction.

This is the home of the Nonprofit Founders' Club, a place for new nonprofit founders to learn strategies, tactics and get support as you are building your noprofit. We’re all about helping you build the nonprofit of your dreams and create the success you want, while making a difference and impact in the world.

We’ve have started and helped others start, build and get funding to create a nonprofit and live their purpose and their dream..

We are here to help new founders all over the world turn their ideas into a success and we’re here to help you too. No matter whether you’re working a full-time job, have limited time, expereince, and are are looking for more help and support to grow – we’ve got you covered. We have so many years of experience and resources to help you make the progress you want as you start and build your nonprofit.

This club is all about you and helping you succeed in your nonprofit's purpose and mission. The club is where we come together as a village to make things happen. No need in feeling alone and trying to figure it out by yourself.

The World Needs Your Services.

Are you struggling to start and build your nonprofit?

We Love helping people who are passionate about social change start, grow and build their nonprofit.

The nonprofit founders' club is your Nonprofit Solo Solution.

Are you ready to build a nonprofit that makes a difference?

Here's what happens in the club!

Monthly Class

Monthly you will learn from an expert in the field to grow your nonprofit, with each masterclass you will get an action plan to help you reach your goals

Monthly Q & A

A monthly Q&A where you can ask questions and get answers, while learning best practices from others in the community

Community Connection

A community of like minded people who are starting and running nonprofits, who can network, collaborate and support each other.

Resources & Opportunity

Resources to strengthen your organization, grant opportunities, trainings, free community resources and much more.

Hi, I’m Vannessa Lindsey

Even though we haven’t met yet, I bet I know a few key things about you…

You feel like your purpose and passion is to help others and you believe that starting a nonprofit is the way to do it.

You desire to make your nonprofit your full-time job but you are not quite sure how to make that happen.

You are starting and running your nonprofit by yourself “Solo” and you need assistance but you cannot find much support.

You need funding and you have no idea how to write grants or how to find funders who will support your nonprofit.

You are feeling confused because there is so much legal mumbo jumbo with starting and keeping your nonprofit and you have no idea how to determine what is what.

You are working on your nonprofit and do not feel you are getting anywhere, you are spending all of your money and resources and you do not know who much more you can do.

You have a board of directors who is not really helping you and you are not sure how to get them to help and how much help you want from them.

I get you. I was you. And I’m here to tell you, you can make it happen.

  • You can understand what the legal requirements are in starting and running your nonprofit.

  • You know the function of the board and how to get them to support you and the mission of the nonprofit organization.

  • You have a broad understanding of your nonprofit, including structures, systems, culture and life cycle support you need r life feels successful and easy, and you flow from one area of your life to the next

  • You can create a strategic plan to manage, market and build your nonprofit.

  • You have fundraising plan and learn strategies for raising money for your organization

  • You are confident in working with other community partners and are collaborating and providing services in the community

  • You identify and approach funders with confidence and ease because you understand their requirements and how your organization fits to meet their needs.

  • You have a donor base of people wanting to give money to your organization.

  • You handle the stress of your starting and build your nonprofit with ease and grace You live your life by creating the nonprofit you envision and make an impact in the lives of others.

  • I get you. I was you. And I’m here to tell you, you can it happen.

You can create the nonprofit of your dream.

Learn everything you need to know to get started creating this life for yourself in this free 45-minute training:

In the membership club you will Learn everything you need to know to get your nonprofit up and running and serving the community.

Strategies For Success

How to build your nonprofit with limited experience, no fancy degrees, limited money and no support

  • Beyond the confusion, the frustration and being overwhelmed the nonprofit Founders Club teaches you:

  • How to define your nonprofits program and services so you can clearly articulate your organization to funders and other stakeholders.

  • The steps you can take to build a donor base to get funding. What are the ongoing state and federal requirements to keep your nonprofit status.

  • How and where to get volunteers to help build your organization and create a volunteer management plan

  • Create SMART goals and stay on track to accomplish your short and long term goals.

  • How to collaborate with those in the community when you are the new organization on the block.

The Nonprofit you’ve always wanted awaits you…

Build your nonprofit with me in the Club.

I have raised over 30 millions dollars in funding and have helped other nonprofit organizations get started, get funding and and build their nonprofit to help people in need.

My Story See my story on my webpage

Strategies for Success

How to build your nonprofit with limited experience, no fancy degrees, limited money and no support

Our Purpose is to help you  live your mission

Are you looking for training, education and support that is designed specifically for new nonprofit founders that helps them understand all about nonprofits from start-up to getting funding, donors, clients, building your board and all things nonprofit. figure out how starting an. An exclusive membership club for Founders of a Nonprofit! We are ALL about helping founders start, build, grow and get funding for their nonprofit so they can help with changing the world.

Are you ready to grow your nonprofit, start collaborating, networking, and get support from others who are building their nonprofit to make a difference in the world.... you can spend $5.00 per day on coffee.. or you can invest in yourself, and build your nonprofit to help those who need your services?


You will Get Live support Sessions 3 Sundays per month.

Week 1- We have a theme and concept for the month, life Fundraising month. On the first week of the month you will learn a concept as it relates to your nonprofit. During the month you will focus on the concept.

Week 2 - We meet and during this time you will discover techniques and tactics on strengthening your nonprofit through question and answers. You will be able to ask questions to the instructors and other nonprofit founders.

Week 3- During this session you will have the opportunity to co-work and accomplish a task that is time sensitive and you need to get completed.

Between meetings, members apply the new information and materials that were gleaned from the previous meeting.

We specialize in helping Nonprofit Founders build a powerful nonprofit

that makes a difference in their community.


Vannessa Lindsey

Hello! I'm Vannessa Lindsey, and I am the Founder of the Nonprofit Founders' Club. I started this club out of my love for nonprofits and my passion to help other new and aspiring individuals start, grow and secure funding for their nonprofit organizations. I'm the creator of Concept to Funding Mastering The Essentials of Grant-writing, a 6-week online intensive program that teaches Nonprofit Founders how to write competitive grant proposals.

I am also the founder of Another Choice, Another Chance which I started in 1987. Over the years I secured over 30 million dollars in grants and contracts and have served over 15,000 youth and families. I started my nonprofit with no expereince, limited education, limited money and an inactive board. Sound Familiar? I love to teach others how it can be done. You Ready?.

Join the Membership Club and build your Nonprofit

456 million dollars

are given to nonprofits yearly to make an impact.

What is Roadmap?

a roadmap is an essential tool for a nonprofit business, as it helps to ensure that the organization stays focused on its mission, makes progress towards its goals, and is able to effectively communicate its vision to stakeholders.

The Club For New Nonprofit Founders'!

Vannessa Lindsey

Nonprofit Funding and Development Coach

Nonprofit Founders Club | npfc@nonprofitfoundersclub.com

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